When is the best time to have your baby photos taken?


This is a question that many new parents or parents-to-be ask. Newborn baby photos need to be taken in the first couple of weeks after the baby is born. Although this is the perfect time to capture your new baby in it’s teeny-tiny form, it equally is a time full on time for may new parents when they are trying to adjust to life with a baby.

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The next best time for photographs is when your baby is sitting up securely. It was at the sitting stage that I had the pleasure of meeting Winnie!! I went to primary school with Winnie’s mum Emma. After years of not seeing one another it was so lovely to catch up. We also managed to capture some beautiful photographs of this little one.

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The older babies sitting sessions are the perfect photo-shoots for parents who weren’t ready for newborn baby photos. It’s the perfect opportunity to capture some lovely images of their new baby. At the sitting stage the baby is able to properly support itself and give you lots of beaming smiles! Winnie sure did that. She was a super-star from the beginning and really worked the camera….so did Mummy too more to the point!