Watch them grow….

Baby and Newborn Photography Stockport, Cheshire

As a Baby and Newborn Photographer in Stockport Cheshire one of the best parts of my job is watching your little ones return. Newborn Photography to First Birthday Cake Smash Photos is a real journey. Seeing how much your babies have grown literally melts my heart, and it is an honour to be able to do.

From those maternity and pregnancy bumps, to newborn babies. Capturing all the different stages is truly incredible.

Newborn Photography to First Birthday Cake Smash Photos Stockport

The emotion you feel can be overwhelming

For many mothers, the changes in your baby as they grow can leave you feeling emotional. Being a parent is such an incredible journey, a whirlwind really! First time round you have no idea what has hit you. You change and grow so much as individuals and as a couple. Many parents who come along for cake smash photos can get really emotional, particularly when they see their edited gallery. For me, the first birthday of my son felt like a real milestone. Despite having this beautiful little toddler developing in front of my eyes with such a wonderful little character, I felt as though I was losing my baby and couldn’t help but feel sad.

Capturing the changes is so very important

Newborn Photography is an amazing time to capture. All the sleepy, curly like, womb-poses and all those newborn baby details. Once baby grows and starts laughing and smiling, they really ooze personality. You almost fall in love with them all over again…for a different reason.
I believe for parents, having baby photos of each stage of development is the greatest treasure in life. It is also the greatest gift you can give your child when they are older.

Until you baby turns in to a big boy or girl and tells you they no longer want to hold your hand…you never truly realise how quickly the time goes by.

Baby Photos Stockport

Baby Phoebe, from Bump to Baby

When Phoebe came to see me for some newborn photography she travelled all the way from Kendal to Stockport. Her mum is also a Baby Photographer, but Clare asked if I could capture Phoebe and the family at this special time. After all, taking photos of your own little ones can be really hard, especially after the trauma of birth. Clare also came for a maternity pregnancy photoshoot. She wanted some gorgeous pictures of her special bump and for her older daughter Abbie to be in them too.

So Phoebe’s journey is captured from the very start. Take a look at how amazing Clare looks. You would never guess she was 34 weeks pregnant here, would you?

Bump Maternity Photos Stockport

Sitting Session

Just a few weeks ago Phoebe came back to see me, this time for her ‘Sitting Session’. Like with all babies during my photo sessions, I want them to feel comfortable in their surroundings before we begin. There is no point in making a little one sit on a set they don’t know and expecting them to be happy straight away, or even want to stay there. It’s unrealistic for the majority.
Some babies will happily be my best friend from the start, some will take some time to warm up. Phoebe was the former which was great! Straight in to her bunny outfit she went and smiled away like a true model.

Look at how much she has grown! Still that same face, but beaming with personality now. Just gorgeous. It’s not until you put photos side by side that you really do see how much they’ve grown.

Cake Smashes Stockport

I am always so thankful for you all that you continue to choose NC Hopes Photography to capture these everlasting memories.
I am looking forward to seeing Phoebe and her family again when Phoebe turns 1. This time for some Cake Smash photos of Phoebe! I can’t wait to update this blog then for you all to see how much more Phoebe has grown again!

Contact me today to book your session. Whether it be for maternity bump photos, a newborn photography session, cake smash photos, a sitter session or some outdoor family portraitsh!