A Birthday Gift for my Wife

Some men struggle knowing what to buy their better half for her birthday! I know my husband does. A bunch of flowers? A night out? When faced with the dilemna of what to buy your wife however on her first birthday after having given birth to your child??

Hmm, tricky one I here you say….

What present says ‘You amaze me and I’m so unbelievably proud of you, you incredible woman….’

You guessed it….

A photoshoot!

Olie, you nailed it! Not only did Olie think of the idea and book it…he also booked it for Catherine’s actual birthday. All cheese aside-what better gift than the gift of beautiful memories of their family and beautiful baby girl Isla.

Baby and Family Photoshoot Stockport

Isla was 4 months old for her session and she was perfect from start to finish. She stunned us with her beautiful big eyes. She couldn’t help but smile when she was with her mummy and daddy too, creating some really lovely natural images.

Few words are really needed here other than to say that we had such a lovely time creating these images and both Olie and Catherine were really chuffed with the final product. They are coming this week to collect their wall art which I cannot wait to show them too.

Birthday Gift for My Wife
Baby Photography Stockport
A birthday Gift for My wife
Mummy and Me Photograph Stockport
Fmily Photography Stockport
Photography in Stockport

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Photographs are Memories

The gift of memories is something I never appreciated at a young age. My father has always been a gifted photographer. From as young as I can remember he would take zillions of photographs on every family outing or holiday we went on. He really was the extreme. As a child I remember how annoying I found it, especially once I got to my teenage years and never wanted to be photographed. I never realised the importance of what he was creating. Back then digital photography didn’t exist. Only film photography that you sent off to the labs to be processed. Once the snaps had been taken and sent off you then had to wait in anticipation to see what came back!

My father’s house has an office where he stores bundles of photo albums and endless boxes of printed photographs. These boxes, although taking up valuable shelf space are in fact our biographies (my siblings and I) in photos. These boxes hold dear memories for all of us. Memories that as a child I had no appreciation for wanting or ever needing.

Family Photo shoot Fletcher Moss Park Didsbury

How time changes us….

You can never match or liken the feeling of holding an old photograph in your hand. A photograph of you with your mother, or one of you holding your baby sister after she was born. Without these photographs sacred moments I was part of as a child I may never have known. The prints are the evidence. These prints therefore become the memories themselves.

Family Photographs Stockport

I know most families will never have the quantity of old photographs that I am fortunate enough to have.

The point I am trying to make is that next time you have your photograph taken with your husband/wife/child/parent. Do not sweat the details like ‘does my hair look frizzy, or do I look fat in that photo? Although it may seem important to you at the time I 100% guarantee that in 5/10/20/50 years time that you or the other people in that photo with you will not care. What they WILL however care about is that they have that memory to keep. They will care that they have a special moment there in their hands that can never be taken away.

Our memories deteriorate over the years and moments we hope to never forget do in fact fade. But those glossy pieces of paper that we save and print and keep will be the most cherished and precious memories that we will ever or could ever have.

Photographs are memories.

The images used in this blog are from a recent Family Lifestyle session that I took. 3 generations of the family were there and these photos will be like gold for those little boys when they grow up. Memories of their grandmas and granddad, their mum and dad and each other. These memories they will share with their children one day.

Sibling photo taken Fletcher Moss DIdsbury

Photographs are memories. Memories really are priceless.

The rise of the Newborn Photography shoot!

The rise of the newborn photography shoot! What is this all about I hear you ask?

Newborn Photography has become more and more popular over the last 5 years. Taking photos of brand new babies in the first few weeks of life…what’s not to love!

The rise of the Newborn Photography Shoot

The newborn photo shoot needs to take place in the first 5-14 days after birth ideally. This is the ideal window of opportunity due to the size and sleepiness of the baby. Babies generally become more awake after the first couple of weeks of life, hence the time-frame.

Newborn Baby Photography

My newborn photoshoots are completely baby-led. New babies need feeding, changing and cuddles and they have their own agenda. Don’t be fooled by their super-cute exterior. These little people know what they want and they know how to go about getting it….Fast!

The sessions can take around 3-4 hours long to allow for stopping and starting. That said, some babies sleep throughout and the session is over much quicker. The decision on whether to have a Newborn Photography Session is an important one. Coping with the aftermath of everything that having a new baby entails is huge. However, having the opportunity to capture all those lovely little baby details and have memories to treasure is wonderful.

Newborn Photography shoot

More and more of my new mummies say to me that they knew they wanted newborn photos before they were even pregnant. My understanding is that due to the increase in use of social media platforms for sharing baby photos or introducing new family members has meant there is an increased demand for professional newborn images. Thank you cards are also really popular now. I often send an image over early so that people can use them on their cards to thank people for gifts

Baby Newborn Photos

Baby Lorena….

I met baby Lorena last month. She is just beautiful and was a delight to photograph. Mummy is super excited to get all her images back and for her wall-art to arrive so I thought I would write a blog and share some of her images on here to keep her going 🙂

For more information on Newborn Photoshoots, please contact me on 07422528951 or email me

Baby Sensory Stockport -Father’s Day specials!

Baby Sensory Stockport

Hello to all you lovely Baby Sensory Stockport and Baby Sensory South Manchester mummies! I am blogging to let you know that I am back in groups again over the coming weeks taking photos of all your gorgeous little ones. For those of you who have not yet met me I am Nikki from NC Hopes Photography. I have teamed up with Baby Sensory Stockport and South Manchester to bring a fantastic pop-up photography studio to your Baby Sensory classes. These will take place in the usual venues….Heaton Mersey, Cheadle, Cheadle Hulme, Heaton Moor, Gatley, Great Moor, Sale and Didsbury.

My style of photography is very simplistic and timeless. I believe this is really important when considering what images you want to display up on your walls at home. It is important to me that I stay true to my style during your Photo Sensory sessions and also bring to you my usual high-class finished product. I will take your photos in group and professionally edit them before delivering the final product.

Baby Photos Stockport

How does it work?

You Baby Sensory class will run as normal. However, I will have a pop-up studio set-up in one area of the room. If you are interested in having your baby’s photographs taken then please fill a form in on arrival. I will have these ready and waiting.

Once it is your turn for photographs my assistant will call you over to the studio area. The order will work on a first come, first serve basis. The majority of classes do become booked up very quickly. I would therefore recommend that you arrive in plenty of time for your class, so that you don’t miss the opportunity. Once you have had your slot you will have the opportunity to view the unedited images and make a decision on what you would like to buy. There are a variety of digital and prints packages available to choose from and these have proved to be really popular with everyone. I take payment there and then so please come prepared. I will accept cash or card payments on the day.

All your mounted prints will be delivered to class in time for Father’s Day and any digital files you buy will be emailed to you.

Baby Photographers Stockport

What do I need to bring?

Unlike the Mother’s Day/Easter specials there is no set ‘theme’ this time. Moe the intention to capture your little one as they are naturally. I will however bring some lovely outfits and headdress options if you would like to borrow something. All the clothing I will bring with me will be of soft, natural colours. I will also bring some gorgeous wooden toys too which look lovely on camera. My recommendation with clothing if you want to bring your own outfit would also be to choose neutral, plain colours. Whites, pastels, denim all work really well and plain patterned clothing is always best too.

With Father’s day in mind if you would like to bring a small prop that may tie in with a hobby of daddy/granddad, you are more than welcome.

Baby classes Stockport


Natalie will email you across a price list before you class. This will have all the packages available so you are able to have a look prior to the sessions.

I am so looking forward to seeing you all again and meeting all the new mummies and babies!

Baby Photos Stockport

There will also be offers on to book in for Family Lifestyle Sessions or Cake Smash sessions when booked in your group! Enquire for further details 🙂

When is the best time for baby photos?

When is the best time to have your baby photos taken?


This is a question that many new parents or parents-to-be ask. Newborn baby photos need to be taken in the first couple of weeks after the baby is born. Although this is the perfect time to capture your new baby in it’s teeny-tiny form, it equally is a time full on time for may new parents when they are trying to adjust to life with a baby.

Baby Photos Stockport

The next best time for photographs is when your baby is sitting up securely. It was at the sitting stage that I had the pleasure of meeting Winnie!! I went to primary school with Winnie’s mum Emma. After years of not seeing one another it was so lovely to catch up. We also managed to capture some beautiful photographs of this little one.

Baby Photography Stockport
Stockport Baby Photographers
Mummy and Baby Photo Stockport

The older babies sitting sessions are the perfect photo-shoots for parents who weren’t ready for newborn baby photos. It’s the perfect opportunity to capture some lovely images of their new baby. At the sitting stage the baby is able to properly support itself and give you lots of beaming smiles! Winnie sure did that. She was a super-star from the beginning and really worked the camera….so did Mummy too more to the point!