So we’re nearing the end of week 6. It feels like the longest and shorted 6 weeks of my life all at once. Emotions running high this week. How about you? I know so many people are feeling the same, this week especially for some reason. Perhaps it’s the change in weather, maybe the length of time now….or all the uncertainty. But there are positives when we look for them.

I’m not sure it was worth wasting a t-shirt for but I wanted to share something with you. Something has been happening here that I was sure would never happen. My two starting to get along. With 6 years between them and with Lara being such a dominant character, Roman has found adjusting to life as a big brother difficult over the last few years. They’ve never really got along. Constantly in competition with one another for attention and both at such different ages. However, lockdown has brought them closer together. Don’t get me wrong. They’re not all over each other every day, but they are interacting more lovingly. They play sometimes and laugh, there’s even been cuddles. It has caught me off guard some days and I’ve felt my eyes well-up.

I'm Not Sure It Was Worth Wasting a T-Shirt For...

A friend sent me a picture the other day….so I recreated it for fun! I’m not sure it was worth ruining a t-shirt for and the kids really didn’t appreciate being trapped inside Chris’ tiny t-shirt. It made me laugh though!

I’m Not Sure It Was Worth Wasting a T-Shirt For…

How unimpressed does Roman look?

Washing after the ink from the t-shirt had got onto their skin
Sibling cuddles
Siblings playing during COVID-19 Lockdown after the tshirt was wasted

It’s good practice to sit down everyday and think to yourself of all those things you are grateful for that day. So this is something I will always remember and be grateful for of this time. The time that enabled these two to love one another more deeply. <3