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Newborn photography has become the ‘thing-to-do’ over recent years. Capturing newborns at such a young age is a lovely way of remembering them as they were when they first arrived in the world. There are so many things to consider when booking and preparing for your session, so here are some pointers to help you on your way

When should I book my Newborn Photography session?

If possible I recommend booking your newborn session in some time after your 20-week scan. This is to ensure a space is available for you when your baby arrives. More often than not we don’t know when a baby will be born, so as a photographer I need the flexibility within my diary to be able to offer you a session within 5-14 days of the baby’s actual birth date. For this reason alone I will only take a limited number of bookings for newborn sessions a month and these can get booked up very quickly. However, that said some people will only choose to have a photo session at the very last minute so if I can accommodate you with a last-minute booking then of course I will.

How do I decide what Baby Photographer to choose?

Choosing a photographer can be difficult due to the variations in price, style and location. There are so many photographers out there now who offer newborn sessions but many have not had much experience nor the right safety training in posing babies. Check with your photographer before booking to be sure. Prices can vary a lot as well, but be sure that those charging next to nothing will not have all the above and have only recently started in the photography business. Photography training, equipment and expertise is something that takes years to master and you don’t want to look back and be unhappy with the photographer you chose as you don’t get the opportunity to do it all over again. 

Choosing a style you like is also important so have a look at a photographer’s portfolio which can normally be found on their website.

I mention location as travelling far with a newborn baby is not always easy. Bearing in mind you will have very recently given birth you may also not feel up to a long drive and if the baby has been in the car for a while and slept the whole journey they may well then be awake throughout the photo-session which may not yield the best photographs for you.

What happens if my baby cries during the session?

As an experienced and qualified newborn photographer and a mother of two I am fully expecting that your baby will cry at some point during the session. Babies usually cry because they undoubtedly need something. All my baby sessions are completely baby-led meaning that we stop whenever baby needs to stop and if he or she wants to feed then this is what we will do. I always allow 4 hours for my newborn sessions as I know how time-consuming the feeding process can be and baby being content is my primary concern. I always recommend bringing a dummy or a pacifier if you have one, or if you have been using one at home. This can sometimes help settle baby if he or she needs to be. During my shoot your baby will be naked for some time, thus giving that lovely natural newborn look. That said, not all babies like to be naked. They have spent 40 weeks all snuggled up in a toasty relaxed environment so getting used to life in the real world can be a shock. If I find during your newborn session that your baby is unsettled and doesn’t like to be naked then I will use a wrap to wrap them up and give them that feeling of security.

What should I bring to my Newborn Photo Shoot?

I recommend that you bring nappies, milk and come dressed comfortably. If you would like family pictures during your session then I will provide you with information about what to wear at booking. However, as the photo shoot can take a number of hours, being comfortable is important. 
I provide plenty of drinks and snacks for you to help yourself to and I can order you lunch from the local cafe if you let me know beforehand. Other than that, I provide all props and blankets so there is no expectation for you to bring anything.

Sometimes new mums and dads have a particular blanket or soft toy that they would like incorporating into a photo which I am more than happy to accommodate.

Where do the sessions take place?

I have a beautiful home studio just on the border of Bramhall and Cheadle Hulme. It is set up to provide a lovely warm and relaxed environment for new parents. When you arrive you can completely chill-out and watch me work my magic from the comfort of my sofa! I have Netflix set-up as well for you so that you can  watch a film, or catch up on a series. Hot and cold drinks are on tap as well as plenty of snacks…..did I mention my coffee machine makes the most amazing cappuccinos! The perfect remedy for a sleepless night! You can even sleep if you want to! I completely understand how tiring having a newborn is which is why it is so important for me that you use this opportunity to enjoy being out of the house but that you are also able to relax. 

Baby photography shoot expectations

Does the baby need to sleep during the session and what happens if it doesn’t?

Newborn photography sessions can be challenging at times for a variety of reasons. If I was to tell you what the ideal circumstances would be in order to facilitate a great session it would be that the baby is in a deep sleep for the majority. This is because in order for me to be able to achieve those lovely curled up and squishy newborn photographs that you so often see, baby needs to sleep. An awake newborn can have jittery and restless arms and legs and there are limitations on the variety and types of photographs I can take. That said however I always love to try and get a couple of ‘awake’ photographs where possible as I do find that parents really love these.

What if my baby poops or pees on your blankets?

This isn’t a problem at all and given that your baby will be nappy-free for part or the majority of the session this is to be expected. I have a huge selection of different blankets and backdrops so should your baby do it’s business mid-session I will simply remove the soiled one and replace it with a fresh one.

Can I bring my older child/children to the session?

Newborn photography relies on a calm and peaceful environment in order to help your baby to sleep and be relaxed. I welcome siblings to the studio of course but I will ask you to bring them either at the start or end of a session to ensure that they are not bored. I live close by to a variety of parks, such as Bramhall Park and South Park or there is a play centre close by too. It may be an idea to ask a family member or a partner to take the sibling off for a couple of hours and bring them back for their photos with their new baby sister or brother towards the end. We can discuss this in more detail at booking though.

If you are interested in booking a session or have further questions about what is involved then please get in touch, I would love to hear from you!

Nikki :) 

My photography friend Jenna from Jenna Marshall Photography has been blogging today about the end of Summer! Jenna is a Newborn and Family Photographer in Stevenage, Hertfordshire.