I can’t speak from personal experience about being a grandparent…that’s a good few years off yet! However I meet so many lovely and doting grandparents at my photo shoots. The love and adoration they feel for their grandchildren is somewhat overwhelming at times. You can see the joy that their grandchildren bring to their lives. It’s as if being a grandparent suddenly brings a whole new purpose and exciting chapter to their lives.

This is definitely the case here for Liz and her granddaughter Poppy! Poppy came for a Cake Smash session last month to celebrate turning 1 and we all had a smashing time! We started the photoshoot with some family pictures including some of Poppy and her grandma Liz. Liz’s face literally glows when she is with Poppy. The feelings are clearly mutual though as Liz definitely managed to bring out Poppy’s best smiles!

Photograph of Grandma and her Granddaughter
Baby Photo of Poppy
Baby Photos Stockport
Cake Smash Photoshoot
Cake Smash photos Stockport

We joked once we started the Cake Smash that Poppy was just like her grandma when it comes to deserts and cake. The concentration in her face below tells all….

Cake Smash Photograph Stockport

When Liz, Katie, Paul and Poppy came back for their viewing there were lots of tears! Poppy clearly is the centre of their world and brings them all so much joy. It was such a pleasure to be a part of this wonderful 1st Birthday celebration and Poppy was such a fantastic cake smasher! She actually ate over half of the cake which I have never seen before!

Birthday Photoshoot Stockport
The joy grandchildren bring
Baby splashing in bath
Bath tub fun during Cake Smash Photo shoot

Check out Poppy’s birthday video here!