The rise of the newborn photography shoot! What is this all about I hear you ask?

Newborn Photography has become more and more popular over the last 5 years. Taking photos of brand new babies in the first few weeks of life…what’s not to love!

The rise of the Newborn Photography Shoot

The newborn photo shoot needs to take place in the first 5-14 days after birth ideally. This is the ideal window of opportunity due to the size and sleepiness of the baby. Babies generally become more awake after the first couple of weeks of life, hence the time-frame.

Newborn Baby Photography

My newborn photoshoots are completely baby-led. New babies need feeding, changing and cuddles and they have their own agenda. Don’t be fooled by their super-cute exterior. These little people know what they want and they know how to go about getting it….Fast!

The sessions can take around 3-4 hours long to allow for stopping and starting. That said, some babies sleep throughout and the session is over much quicker. The decision on whether to have a Newborn Photography Session is an important one. Coping with the aftermath of everything that having a new baby entails is huge. However, having the opportunity to capture all those lovely little baby details and have memories to treasure is wonderful.

Newborn Photography shoot

More and more of my new mummies say to me that they knew they wanted newborn photos before they were even pregnant. My understanding is that due to the increase in use of social media platforms for sharing baby photos or introducing new family members has meant there is an increased demand for professional newborn images. Thank you cards are also really popular now. I often send an image over early so that people can use them on their cards to thank people for gifts

Baby Newborn Photos

Baby Lorena….

I met baby Lorena last month. She is just beautiful and was a delight to photograph. Mummy is super excited to get all her images back and for her wall-art to arrive so I thought I would write a blog and share some of her images on here to keep her going 🙂

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