Family and Baby Photographers in Stockport, Cheshire
The sitting stage is such a beautiful age to capture. The ‘sitting’ age amongst baby and family photographers is the term given to babies around 7-10 months of age who are able to sit up confidently and unsupported. As a baby photographer in Stockport  this is one of the most desirable ages to capture and photograph after the newborn stage. Usually at this stage your little one is giving out lots of gorgeous smiles and their personality is there for the camera to capture and adore. The newborn stage is equally magical, but there is something so captivating about a baby who is discovering the world around him/her and learning, growing and changing so very quickly. This beautiful milestone is like no other because at this stage you can ensure baby’s full attention before they get that little bit older and start to crawl or walk around.  

Baby Reuben was no exception to this rule. His mummy Kathyrn booked in little man’s session in September wanting some lovely photos of her first born and this I delivered! Reuben was full of smiles for his session. I always work with mums to ensure that photos sessions are booked in at appropriate times during the day to make sure we get those beautiful and cheeky smiles that every mother and father will love. To ensure a happy and smiley baby I know that baby needs to be well rested and fed so scheduling in a session shortly after a nap and a feed is ideal. With young babies the opportunity to capture lovely photographs is also very narrow so once baby has arrived at the studio I allow for some time for baby to relax, maybe do some singing and playing and then try to get started and move through all the set-ups fairly quickly before baby gets tired or bored.

Baby photography is so very special and the opportunity to capture your child when they are little is so very important. Every parent soon realises, how quickly their little one becomes big and so having beautiful keepsakes to remind you of such a precious time is invaluable.

Reuben’s mummy came for her viewing session today and chose an exquisite driftwood, multi-aperture frame with a selection of images from Reuben’s photo shoot. These frames are really popular at the moment with clients as you are able to have a large wall-art piece but you can choose a selection of favourites.  I love the selection of images Kathyrn chose for the final piece and I cannot wait to receive it back from the labs to show her! The most perfect Christmas present for any home and any family! I use the most amazing photography labs that produce the most beautiful wall-art pieces that I know will prove to be that ‘stand-out’ feature for any wall in any house. I have written before about the importance of displaying photos of your child in your home for their self-confidence. If a child can see their photos up on the wall everyday it helps them realise their worth and reiterates to them how loved they are.

Please take a peek at some of the beautiful images Kathyrn chose today during her viewing session. I hope you love them as much as I do! I had such a lovely time capturing and editing this gallery!

To start with here is mummy’s favourite for the feature photo in her multi-aperture collection. What a gorgeous smile!!

I am a sucker for all of these gorgeous little faces Reuben is pulling! He has the most beautiful face and rosy cheeks and I hope to be able to capture many more wonderful milestones yet for him!

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