Newborn and Family Photographers in Cheadle Hulme, Stockport
​As a Newborn, Family and Cake Smash Photographer in Cheadle Hulme, Stockport I couldn’t love my job more. I am able to create precious memories for families that will last a lifetime and hopefully will be passed through the generations. Someone asked me recently what my 3 favourite things are about being a Newborn photographer in particular. So I gave it a couple of seconds thought and wrote it down for you lovely people…..
Here goes….
My 5 favourite things about being a Newborn and Baby Photographer in Cheadle, Stockport:

  1. The BABIES!!!! Number 1 has to be the babies. I love the babies! One of my new mum’s said today to me as she was in the studio with her twin girls….this job must make you broody! If I’m completely honest I now have my broodiness totally under control after having Lara just over a year ago. Two children are enough for me to cope with but during every session I can’t help but coo over the bundles of amazingness that I get to work with. They are perfect in every way. I love their tiny hands and tiny feet and little button noses…and the way they smack their lips when they are hungry. I could hold them forever! There really is nothing more precious in this whole world than a newly born baby, nothing!! When I am taking photographs I always pull the camera away and silently (or sometimes not so silently) gush at how ‘cute’ they look or how perfect their little faces and expressions are.


  1. The PARENTS. I am so lucky and blessed to have such lovely clients. I always feel so privileged that in the first few weeks after birth these wonderful families come to me and share their joy and pride with me. It’s so lovely during the newborn sessions to be able to chat with mums and dads about how they are finding things in this new chapter of their lives. I love how important my photographs are to these families and how this is such a wonderful thing to be able to do for them. I love that some families travel from further afield than Stockport because they have chosen ‘me’ as their photographer! #happydance


  1. The ability to be able to style a session with the help of my lovely mums and dads. This again I love!! I can’t explain to you how much preparation goes in to every single session I do. I will think about your session for days and days before it happens. I will consider the colours I will use, the props, the angles, the lighting, the wrapping, the accessories and the list goes on. I obsess! Each and every session I do is well planned for, and I often buy new props and accessories especially for that one photography shoot. Hence my reason for now being on a ‘prop-ban’….those newborn photographers out there reading this will know about all those ‘secret’ packages that arrive that must be hidden before the husband sees! Hopefully mine won’t read this and realise!!

So here are just 3 of many reason why I love being a newborn photographer. I really could go on…but must go and feed my hungry children! 🙂

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