Charlotte, 38 weeks pregnant

Pregnancy is such an important and special time that for most women is sacred and treasured forever. Despite the sickness and the ever-growing belly and swollen feet, it is the miracle of life that is growing inside us. Yes, we don’t feel at our best, nor do we probably look it but the one thing I deeply regret about my first pregnancy is having no photographs taken capturing me and my bump. If I could turn back the clock I would love to have just a couple to treasure to remind me of what I looked like and who I was then.

Maternity photography is not for everyone, but the beautiful Charlotte at 38 weeks was looking super glamorous for her shoot back in April. All around her were beautiful Spring flowers reminding us of what a lovely time of year Spring is. Here below, beneath a blossom tree Charlotte is looking ever-radiant. I’m fairly certain, had I had any photographs taken when pregnant, I would not look like this! 😉

Photography during pregnancy can take place at any time from 30 weeks. It all depends on how the mummy-to-be is feeling. Charlotte ended up going full term plus 2 weeks. She had such a beautiful bump and shape here though and I hope she treasures these photos for a lifetime and shows them to baby Zac when he’s older. If you are thinking of having photographs yourself during pregnancy then please get in touch to discuss options.

Zac came in to meet us at 9 days old. His photos can be seen on next week’s blog, so look out for them. He’s a gorgeous little man with a beautiful little smile!