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Are you looking for ideas of how to celebrate your baby’s first birthday??? First birthday’s are a real milestone in your little one’s life. Those first 356 days go by in a flash and so much change occurs in this time that by the time the ‘big 1’ comes around a celebration is in order…if only just to congratulate yourself on making it through!

So you may be asking yourself the question ‘How do I celebrate my baby’s first birthday?’…..A photo-shoot is a lovely way to capture your child at the pure and simple age, when they are slowly breaking out of the baby stage and fast approaching toddler! But what’s all this cake-smash nonsense I hear you say! The Cake Smash craze started in America but has quickly caught on over here in the UK! It basically involves a 1 year old child and a cake…mixed in with a professional photographer to capture the event! It can get very messy!

Why do so many people from Stockport book their Cake Smash session with me?

I have a gorgeous home studio on the border of Bramhall and Cheadle Hulme which is set-up especially for families who want to come and capture some amazing pictures of their little ones. So many local families book me for cake smashes and often say that they love my set-ups because they aren’t too fussy. 

Here is one of my favourite recent Cake Smash sessions with the gorgeous Haaniya.

​What happens during a Cake Smash Photo Shoot?
I always speak with client’s in detail before a session to make sure we have the right colour scheme and theme for your little one’s session. My sessions always start with some informal playing and singing just to warm your baby up to the new environment that they are in. I always ask client’s to bring an outfit for baby to wear for some ‘clean’ and simple images before moving on to the cake part of the shoot. Once the cake is introduced we let baby do their thing and sit back and capture the moment! It’s so funny to see the difference between those babies that get ‘stuck-in’ and those that very politely stick a tentative little finger in the middle for a cheeky taste!
I end my sessions with a bath-tub with bubbles to get baby all clean! Some babies LOVE this…however Haaniya wasn’t keen so opted to give that one a miss 😉 😉
If you would like more information about Cake Smash Photography or you would like to book a Cake Smash session then drop me an email and we can start to plan your baby’s amazing first birthday shoot!! 
Nikki x

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