I love shooting outdoors, especially when it’s a family photoshoot! No matter where the location if the weather is dry then chances are we are going to have fun! Most kids take a few minutes to warm up before having their portrait taken, but when I met Willow a few weeks ago at Fletcher Moss Park in Didsbury she was holding my hand within a minute and leading the way! I worked out quickly that this was Willow pointing out to me that she was taking charge during her photoshoot…and she did! 

We couldn’t have been more unlucky as far as the weather was concerned! The heavens opened and it began to pour, as it so often does in Manchester!  Mum Cheryl was keen to troop on though regardless and Willow loved the novelty of having her own brolly.  I always start my family sessions with some portraits of the children, and then some family pictures too. I strongly believe that you get the best out of the children when they are allowed to roam free and so this is what I let them do for the majority of a session, after we have got some initial posed pictures. Children in their natural states make the most beautiful photos and parents always agree when they receive their images that the more natural ones are their favourites!

Family photography is so important. Many of my clients will have heard me say it so many times before but children love having photos of themselves up in the house and that they grow up more confident for it! My son will always look at photos and ask me about the time it was taken, he shows a real interest and loves that it was taken of him at a different age to the age he is at now. There’s nothing more lovely as an adult than being shown a photograph of yourself as a child, on holiday or in the garden playing…with one of your parents or siblings nearby, or your mother holding you. It’s one of those moments that makes you stop and feel grateful for that moment and that memory. So please take photos and be in those photos…even if it means asking a random stranger to take the picture for you. You won’t ever regret it.

Take a peek at Mike, Cheryl and Willow on a wet and windy Sunday morning in Didsbury!


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