Baby Olivia

Baby Olivia was our very first belly cast baby! Her mum Clare came for her cast during week 38 of pregnancy, which is quite late. Normally we would aim for somewhere between week 35-37. However, considering Clare was having contractions in my living room at the time of her cast session she was a real trooper and the end result was beautiful!. In the collage above and in the photo below you can see Olivia nestled in her cast with a grey blanket. She looks super snug and super sweet.

To create the casts we use plaster of paris. We ensure that mum-to-be’s tummy is well lubricated and we apply the plaster all over in layers. Once the plaster is set we are left with an incredible mould of a beautiful pregnant tummy and this we use to pose the baby in after they are born and during our newborn photography sessions. After the newborn photography shoots we will give the casts to our mums as a keepsake of such a special time.

At the end of the blog I have included some photos of the belly cast being crafted by our very own Joanne! We create a warm and cosy ambience for our mums-to-be during the casting sessions. It is so important to us that our mums feel at ease during their session and in our company at such a special time for them. We love sharing the build up to birth with our mums as it is a time we too treasured when we had our own children, and a time that we believe should always be remembered.