Baby Photographer in Stockport, Cheshire

Sitting Baby Photography Sessions, Stockport, Cheshire

As a baby and family photographer in Stockport, Cheshire I am lucky enough to meet families with children of all ages. It is especially lovely to be able to form a bond with a family when they bring their very first baby in to the studio. The look of joy and pride on the parents faces, especially in those early days can not be likened to any other life event.  It never ceases to amaze me how much babies change in the first 6 months of life. Clients often send me up to date photos of their babies even just weeks after they have been for a newborn shoot and the change in such a short time is remarkable. 

In the photography world one of the most amazing ages to capture after the newborn stage has to be the ‘sitting’ stage. This happens, or starts to happen around 6 ish months. The muscles in baby’s back are strengthening and enable them to sit and hold their head up.  Once they are able to do this unsupported and confidently they are ready for a Sitting Session. I find this stage one of the most fascinating parts of development. Baby has a real personality by now, watching, exploring, touching and engaging with those around.

One of my recent Sitting Sessions was this little man….he was such fun! Laughing and smiling for his adoring fans. He brought both sets of grandparents with him which meant there was plenty of backstage entertainment for him!