When is the best time for baby photos?

When is the best time to have your baby photos taken?


This is a question that many new parents or parents-to-be ask. Newborn baby photos need to be taken in the first couple of weeks after the baby is born. Although this is the perfect time to capture your new baby in it’s teeny-tiny form, it equally is a time full on time for may new parents when they are trying to adjust to life with a baby.

Baby Photos Stockport

The next best time for photographs is when your baby is sitting up securely. It was at the sitting stage that I had the pleasure of meeting Winnie!! I went to primary school with Winnie’s mum Emma. After years of not seeing one another it was so lovely to catch up. We also managed to capture some beautiful photographs of this little one.

Baby Photography Stockport
Stockport Baby Photographers
Mummy and Baby Photo Stockport

The older babies sitting sessions are the perfect photo-shoots for parents who weren’t ready for newborn baby photos. It’s the perfect opportunity to capture some lovely images of their new baby. At the sitting stage the baby is able to properly support itself and give you lots of beaming smiles! Winnie sure did that. She was a super-star from the beginning and really worked the camera….so did Mummy too more to the point!

The joy Grandchildren bring!

I can’t speak from personal experience about being a grandparent…that’s a good few years off yet! However I meet so many lovely and doting grandparents at my photo shoots. The love and adoration they feel for their grandchildren is somewhat overwhelming at times. You can see the joy that their grandchildren bring to their lives. It’s as if being a grandparent suddenly brings a whole new purpose and exciting chapter to their lives.

This is definitely the case here for Liz and her granddaughter Poppy! Poppy came for a Cake Smash session last month to celebrate turning 1 and we all had a smashing time! We started the photoshoot with some family pictures including some of Poppy and her grandma Liz. Liz’s face literally glows when she is with Poppy. The feelings are clearly mutual though as Liz definitely managed to bring out Poppy’s best smiles!

Photograph of Grandma and her Granddaughter
Baby Photo of Poppy
Baby Photos Stockport
Cake Smash Photoshoot
Cake Smash photos Stockport

We joked once we started the Cake Smash that Poppy was just like her grandma when it comes to deserts and cake. The concentration in her face below tells all….

Cake Smash Photograph Stockport

When Liz, Katie, Paul and Poppy came back for their viewing there were lots of tears! Poppy clearly is the centre of their world and brings them all so much joy. It was such a pleasure to be a part of this wonderful 1st Birthday celebration and Poppy was such a fantastic cake smasher! She actually ate over half of the cake which I have never seen before!

Birthday Photoshoot Stockport
The joy grandchildren bring
Baby splashing in bath
Bath tub fun during Cake Smash Photo shoot

Check out Poppy’s birthday video here!

Beautiful Family Photos Stockport

The decision to have your family photos taken is an important one. It’s not only important for you as a family, but it is important for your children and their confidence and self-assurance. Seeing photographs on the wall of you and your family as a ‘unit’ is a warm and reassuring feeling. It is that constant reminder of who you are and what you all mean to one another.

When having your family photos taken in Stockport it is important to find a photographer who will capture you and your loved ones in a style that you love. Grace told me at Penelope’s viewing session that she had followed my page for a while and loved the style of photography that I produce. Taking family photos is not just about snapping away for me. It is about capturing you and your family ‘as they are’. I don’t like forced poses and smiles, I want you to be authentically you!

Baby Photos in Stockport

Last month I had the pleasure of meeting this lovely family. Penelope, Rob and Grace. Penelope was one of the funniest baby’s I have had the pleasure of meeting. She was so full of personality and sass. Pointing her finger at her mummy and daddy and ordering them about. Who were they to ignore her demands???? You have to love how bossy little girls can be! Their sense of independence is so endearing.

Family Photographer in Stockport

Penelope came for her baby photos when she was 8 months old. She was sitting well and at the perfect age to have some gorgeous images taken. We started the session with some beautiful family photos to help warm Penelope up…not that she needed it! This was a great opportunity to get some lovely natural images of Grace, Rob and Penelope as a family.

Family Photos Stockport

To book to have your family photos in Stockport then send me an email at or book online.

Celebrating the 1st Birthday!!

Your little one turning 1 is a really important milestone. So how do you go about celebrating the 1st Birthday??

Every family is different and has different ideas on how to celebrate that very special birthday. I think with your first child, the occasion is all the more special. Becoming a parent for the first time and reaching that ’12 month’ milestone is a real achievement. It is also a real mix of emotion. It’s an achievement to celebrate. Some parents plan a big family celebration, inviting everyone over with a cake and balloons…where as others opt for a celebration with their antenatal or NCT friends.

Pink Cake Smash set-up Cheadle Hulme

Another really popular way of celebrating the 1st birthday is to have a Cake Smash! So many mums contact me asking for Cake Smash availability on their child’s actual 1st birthday. It is a really lovely way to spend an hour of your little one’s special day and parents get so much pleasure out of watching them enjoy the cake. Siblings and other family members are also welcome to join in the fun so it can be a real family occasion.

Family Photoshoot Stockport

The cake smash sessions start with any sibling or family images that you may want. It is a great way to get your little one warmed up and ready for the Cake Smash element. We then introduce the cake after a quick change of clothes and the celebration begins!

Rosie came for her Cake Smash Photoshoot in January. Walking already I knew I would have to move fast! I met Rosie’s family Sophie, Andy and Reuben a couple of years ago when Reuben came for a newborn session. It was lovely to have them back and see them as a family of four. Rosie’s mummy Sophie runs Sophie Dee School of Dance just around the corner from me in Cheadle Hulme. I love connecting with other business women in the area. It is important as a local business to support others and Sophie Dee’s School of Dance has such an amazing reputation. I am really looking forward to booking my daughter some classes very soon.

Have a look at some of the lovely images from Rosie’s Cake Smash photoshoot. Celebrating the 1st Birthday with 3 different outfits, a cake and the help of her big brother!

Sibling Photoshoot
Sibling image taken in Stockport Photography Studio
Family Photos Stockport
Cake Smash with siblings Stockport
Little girl's Cake Smash in Stockport
1st Birthday Cake Smash Bramhall
Cake Smashes in Stockport

If you are interested in celebrating your little one’s first birthday with a cake smash get in touch on 07422528951 or drop me an email at


Baby Photos at Baby Sensory Classes East Cheshire

If you have made it to this page, then hopefully you are as excited as I am that I will be bringing Photo Sensory in to your Baby Sensory East Cheshire classes in the coming weeks!

Let’s start with an introduction! My name is Nikki. I am a specialist Baby and Family Photographer based just outside Bramhall. I am teaming up again this year with Baby Sensory in your area to bring Photo Sensory to all the mums of East Cheshire! These special Photo Sensory classes will be running at your usual venues on the 23rd March-26th March 2020.

Baby Photos Wilmslow

These Photo Sensory classes will be running as follows:

  • 23rd March at Baby Sensory Romiley
  • 24th March at Baby Sensory Wilmslow
  • 25th March at Baby Sensory Poynton
  • 26th March at Baby Sensory Adlington

What is Photo Sensory?
Having a new baby is such an exciting time. Many mums say to me how they wished they had had professional photographs of their little ones in their first 12 months. However, in the whirlwind of it all had never quite got around to it. As a mum myself I completely understand this. There really aren’t enough hours in the day! That’s why Photo Sensory is so fantastic, as it is bringing this amazing service to you. Offering you the opportunity to have beautiful baby photos taken during your class.

What to expect during Photo Sensory classes

Your Baby Sensory class will run as normal.  The only difference is that in a corner of the room will be my little pop-up studio ready to take beautiful baby photos of your little one! The theme this time will be ‘Baby Bunnies’. With Easter and Mother’s Day on the horizon, these photographs will make the perfect gifts.

At the start of your class you will be asked to fill out a registration form if you would like some baby photos. There is of course no obligation for you to have your baby photographed.

Once you have filled in your form you will be allocated with a number. We will run on a first-come, first-serve basis. I will have my lovely assistant Judith with me who will invite you over for your baby photos as soon as it is your turn.

Baby Photos Poynton

During your Photo Sensory slot

When it is your turn to come for your photos, you will be given the chance to get your baby changed. Each Photo Sensory session will last no longer than 5 minutes. This is to ensure that there is enough time for everyone to have the opportunity of a photograph before the next Baby Sensory class starts.

Your baby will be sat on my backdrop or lay down if they are not yet able to sit up unsupported. Then I will snap away!

After we have taken a few photographs I will then show you the unedited versions. At this point you can select the ones you would like to buy.

You will receive an email prior to the class with the pricing structure on so that you know in advance what your options are.

Card and cash payments are acceptable on the day. Orders must be made there and then so please come prepared.

photographers poynton

What happens next…

I will then go home and edit your baby photos from all the Baby Sensory classes. Digital images will be emailed to you within 7-10 days and mounted prints will be delivered back to your group 2 weeks later. All in time for Mother’s Day and in plenty of time for Easter!

Does my baby have to have a ‘Bunny’ themed photo?

The ‘bunny’ theme is just an option. I have these outfits in pale blue, white and pink. I also have a little white bear outfit too. However, if you would just like your child photographed in what they are wearing to their class then this is of course fine too.

Recommendations on clothes that photograph well include anything pastel in colour, white, denim or neutral.

I am also really excited to tell you all that during the week of Photo Sensory I will be running a competition for the Baby Sensory Babies to win a FREE Birthday/Cake Smash session for your little one’s 1st Birthday!

cake smash photos poynton
Cake Smash Photos Wilmslow

If you have any further questions, please feel free to send me an email. My details are at the top of this page.