Baby Oliver

Baby Oliver was such a beautiful newborn baby. As the third child of the family he had two proud big sisters wanting to make a big fuss of him, and of course have their photograph taken with him! On the morning of the photo shoot I assumed that Oliver and his family may run a bit late. After all… there were 2 sisters to get ready for school and a brand new baby to get out of the house all for half past 9! Impossible task, right? Apparently not! Baby Oliver and his family who are also Cheadle based arrived promptly and all with big smiles on their faces! Baby Oliver had even been fed! How can this be I wondered??….I struggle to get just one child out of the house and to school in time! #superparents 

Baby photography, particularly newborn photography is a really important part of capturing and treasuring those precious moments when your new baby is at it’s smallest and curliest.  In the first few weeks new babies change so much that they are almost unrecognisable a month later. I always ask my clients to send me a snapshot of their baby once they receive their edited galleries and I am always stunned by the change. As a parent myself I remember looking at my son when he was days old and thinking ‘please stay this small forever’.  However, despite looking a lot bigger now, baby Oliver is just as beautiful. 

Please have a look through some of the images of his gallery, including the first photograph above where Oliver is lay in the belly cast I took of his mummy’s tummy 2 weeks beforehand.