Sitting Baby Photoshoot Deposit


Little ones change so quickly. It takes you by surprise how one minute you are holding your newborn in your arms and then the next you have a babbling baby with a huge smile beaming up at you. In those first 12 months your baby changes more than they ever will again.

The newborn stage is so precious, but as your baby grows and their personality emerges there is nothing more amazing than having this captured professionally. Newborn photography can be unrealistic for some families, and others don’t want to wait until the 1st birthday for some lovely pictures so something in between can work perfectly.

The best time to have some baby photos taken after the newborn stage is when your baby is sitting up unaided. This usually happens around 7-10 months of age. All baby photographers love this stage when your baby is still little enough to have all those cute baby features, the tiny toes, the chubby wrists and dimples on their little hands…but the best bit of all those super chubby legs and fat rolls that will disappear so soon once they are up on their feet and running round.

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